Under the relentless grip of a tempest, a group of hikers, seeking refuge from the storm’s fury, stumble upon an ancient orphanage shrouded in shadows. This forsaken place, once echoing with the laughter of children, now stands as a silent testament to a forgotten past.

The unfolding night resurrects a chilling tale of a Director who, in a grim pact for everlasting life, ensnared innocent souls in his quest for immortality. As the clock ticks menacingly towards midnight, an invisible noose tightens, threatening to ensnare new victims in its spectral grasp.

The air grows thick with suspense as the hikers race against time, piecing together cryptic clues woven into the fabric of the orphanage’s dark history. Each clue brings them closer to unravelling the curse but also deeper into the heart of darkness, where shadows whisper of unspeakable horrors.

Their quest for survival turns into a harrowing journey through time and fear. With only the waning moon as their guide, they must navigate the labyrinth of the past, confront the spectre of the Director, and sever the chains of the curse before the stroke of midnight seals their fate. Will they emerge into the dawn as survivors, or will they become the latest chapter in the orphanage’s haunted legacy?

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