Welcome to the enchanting world of Detective Clueso, where children’s parties transform into unforgettable adventures that blend discovery with a love for mystery. Within our specially designed rooms, such as “Pink Diamond (The Illusionist and the Stolen Gem)” and “The Secret of the Asylum”, children become little detectives, solving thrilling puzzles and enigmas while simultaneously being encouraged to work as a team and think critically.


Beyond the exploratory adventure, Clueso offers an ideally equipped party space where our little friends can celebrate their birthdays by cutting their cake, enjoying delicious treats, and having fun with their friends. This area is designed to provide the ultimate party experience, combining the adventure of escape rooms with the joy and expression of carefree childhood.

At Clueso, every moment is an opportunity for learning through play. Children practice logical thinking, observation, and teamwork, while also developing confidence and independence. An experienced member of Clueso Team is always by their side, offering guidance and assistance to ensure the smooth and safe progress of the game. This interaction turns every challenge into an opportunity to strengthen their skills, offering a truly educational and entertaining experience.


Choosing Clueso for your next children’s party guarantees an unparalleled festive atmosphere that will enchant your little guests and leave them with unforgettable memories. The children will enjoy the joy of discovery, the delight of imaginative play, and the thrill of success as they solve mysteries and overcome obstacles through teamwork. Adventure, knowledge, and fun meet at Clueso, creating the perfect setting for a unique children’s party.