Clueso Escape Rooms is an interactive escape game. It’s a live experience that takes you on a journey while simultaneously testing your perceptual abilities and fostering a spirit of cooperation and teamwork. Teams of players (2 to 6 individuals) are “locked” in a themed room. The goal is to escape within the set time limits by overcoming a series of challenges and puzzles, engaging the mind and the five senses, and if successful, you might even find a clue!

Each room has its own difficulty level. If you are a new player, we recommend starting with a lower difficulty room. Generally, the games are designed so that everyone can enjoy them. No specific knowledge or special experience is required to play. The only tools you need are observation, thought, and a spirit of cooperation.

Most rooms are suitable for people of all ages. Since it’s a game of logic and observation, it can be played just as easily by someone in their youth as by someone older. However, to avoid disappointing our younger friends by confronting them with insurmountable obstacles due to the difficulty of the puzzles, we set the minimum participation age at 8 years. Some special categories of games, due to their thematic content, are aimed at individuals over the ages of 15 and 18 (there is a specific indication of the age limit on the pages of these rooms).

The number of players (minimum and maximum) depends on the particular characteristics of each room (room size, number, and level of difficulty of cooperative puzzles, etc.). Usually, the number of players ranges from 2 to 6.

The recommended number of players for each room has been determined based on the room’s design and is what we consider will ensure the ideal experience for players during the game. For some rooms, in special cases, it is possible for more individuals to play. For more information about possible alternatives, you can contact us by phone.

The process is very simple and completed in 4 steps:

   – Step 1: Choose a room. You can browse our website and select the room of your preference by reading its descriptions and characteristics.

   – Step 2: Choose a date. At the bottom of each room’s page, you’ll find a calendar. Select your desired date by clicking on the corresponding box (day) of the calendar.

   – Step 3: Choose a game time. By selecting the day, the daily schedule of games based on availability will automatically appear (green: available time, red: unavailable time). Click on the time that interests you.

   – Step 4: Complete the reservation. Having chosen the desired time, the reservation form appears. To complete your reservation, fill in your details in the form.

Once you complete the process, you will immediately receive a confirmation email. Payment is made once you arrive at our premises.

It is possible to cancel and change your reservation. Reservation cancellation can be done by contacting us by phone.

To change a reservation, simply cancel the previous one (by phone) and make a new reservation, simply repeating the same process for the day or time that suits you.


For the best service to our visitors and to avoid inconveniencing subsequent groups of a room, we ask players to be at the reception area at least 10 minutes before their reservation time. In case of delay, please contact the reception immediately so you can be informed if you will be able to play, depending on the delay time and the next availability of the room.

In our rooms, there is a so-called ‘panic button’. Pressing this button allows any team member to leave the room at any time without it meaning that the game stops for the other players. In any case, before the start of the game, our Game Masters explain the room’s operating rules in detail.

If you want to try your luck, we can promise that we will be here to welcome you and inform you of any availability at the time of your visit. If a room is not available, we will offer you a coffee and look together for the next available game. If you prefer to check room availability online, you can click here.

Most of our games do not require any special attire, so you can wear clothes and shoes that will help you move comfortably. If a room has special clothing requirements, these will be listed on the room’s page.

Photography and videography are strictly prohibited in our rooms. This policy ensures that no elements of the room are leaked, preserving the experience for future teams. However, recognizing the importance of a memento from such an experience, we offer to take photos of your team at specific points in each room at the end of the game.

Cameras are installed in all areas of the rooms to monitor each game. This is done for two reasons: firstly, to ensure smooth and safe gameplay, and secondly, to monitor the flow and provide immediate assistance to players from Game Masters or Performers.

Payment is made at our reception upon your arrival and can be done either in cash or by card.

Our rooms are designed in such a way that they can accommodate children’s parties, offering an original idea that combines the joy of celebration with the creative engagement of children through interactive gameplay.

Our team has conducted extensive research on how escape rooms influence and foster the process of team building. The philosophy of our rooms is based on creating conditions for collaboration. The team of players is called upon to collectively find solutions, thus enhancing team spirit, while simultaneously experiencing a unique and enjoyable adventure that enriches the common moments of colleagues beyond the workspace.